Anatomical Spaces

Quadrangular Space - Triangular Space - Traingular Interval

Quadrangular space

Axillary nerve
Posterior circumflex humeral artery

In the axilla on each side the quadrangular space is bounded by: Superiorly - subscapularis and teres minor; inferiorly - teres major; medially - long head of triceps; laterally - humerus

Triangular space

Scapular curcumflex artery

The triangular space is bounded by: superiorly - subscapularis and teres minor; laterally - long head of triceps; medially -teres major and scapula

Triangular interval

Radial nerve
Deep artery of the arm (Profunda brachii)

In the axilla on each side, the triangular interval is bounded by: superiorly - teres major; laterally - humerus and lateral head of triceps; medially -long head of triceps

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