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AnatomyUniverse was launched in 2008. The motivation for building a new website about anatomy was simple - the web lacked good websites with free human anatomy content at the moment. Specifically anatomy mnemonics and animations for various human body regions. In December 2013 AnatomyUniverse decided to update its site to help its many users. AnatomyUniverse became responsive so our users can easily browse it on either desktop, laptop, tablet or other mobile devices.


Do you want to tell us what you think of AnatomyUniverse? You have an idea for how we can improve your learning experience? You have a question or encounter a problem while using the site? Or just want to reach our Editorial Staff?
You can contact us via Facebook, Twitter or Email!

If you have time write us using any of these options.
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We can be found on Facebook HERE.
We can be found on Twitter HERE.
Our email is support@anatomyuniverse.com

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